What we do, is easy told by 3 steps:

1. Perrit stands for IT Service Management. IT Service Management by Perrit stands for: DevOps combined with IT Service Management.

2. This IT Service Management brings unlimited help for our partners and IT departments all over the world. This help consists of IT-automation; automation of migrations, updates or releases. With even more communication with you, our customer.

3. This IT-automation brings software which is successfully delivered to a user and meets their expectations around availability, performance and pace of change. Another advantage of our IT Service Management, is that you are ‘business change proof‘, while maintaining a stable, highly available IT infrastructure.

But: how do we achieve these automation processes, these advantages? Simple:

1. With endless IT-knowhow in orer to deal with incidents and requests for change. Like fixing complex IT defects or difficulties.
2. A bunch of smart-ass people who are available by secondment. Projects run by our people, who know their shit to the core. Name us heroes, name us IT nerds. We’re proud of it.
3. Clever online IT-services & Projects. In other words: online delivery of IT-services from the biggest e-commerce platform.