Service Management

New Project (9)
  • Submit your ticket 24/7 in your own ticket portal which is provided by us.
  • As soon as tickets arrives they are being sorted on impact.
  • The technical department will start working on your issue right away.
  • Within 48 hours your incident will be resolved!
New Project (7)
  • Requests to create a new user or service
  • Windows updates, system updates & upgrades
  • Intranet, ERP consultancy
  • Together we’ll make an estimation of the activities/hours and after given approval we’ll start working on your request.
New Project (10)
  • Migrations & customized environments
  • We arrange the project management within TFS,
  • Our experts with the right experience will proceed the tasks.
  • We’ll continuously discuss the progress together via weekly calls and updates.
New Project (12)
  • Upload your CV or upload your job request in the support portal!
  • Within 48 hours we will deliver multiple profiles and jobs
  • We understand your IT projects requests, our consultants will find the correct profile or job for you
  • Automated billing system & hour registration reports