• Cloud Automation

    12 Apr 2019
    Sarah Weldink

    What is Cloud Automation? | LinkedIn Article

    The industry is full with words like Cloud Automation, Big Data, DevOps, the Cloud but what is it and why is everybody talking about it?

    Cloud Computing

    The amount of data which need to be processed is growing explosively and it all needs to be available anytime, anywhere, anyhow. But how do you handle security, updates, patches, monitoring and incidents? The more technology is involved, the more complex it will be, right? No, absolutely not. Well… not if you use the right tools and processes. The benefits of Cloud Computing are just way too many to mention; scalability, costs reduction, work efficiency, data security, mobility, disaster recovery and control are some of the key benefits.

    But how do you manage Cloud Computing, where do you start and what’s behind it?

    Automated Provisioning

    A ‘long’ time ago it could take days or even weeks to move your data and application to the cloud. Automating provisioning allows us to set up and make changes by using a Web browser or other client interfaces within minutes. Minutes?! Yes, it provides a more efficient and rapid response to business requests. Okay, so we can provision all these services… How about my applications? Well, we can implement your applications which leads to costs reduction and you finally have someone who is carrying out maintenance on a third party developed application.

    Cloud Automation

    Want to automate your control; does my VM need more recourses? When was the last patch or update completed? When do I need more physical capacity? How do I easily provision a new user or even a new department? I bet you’ve got a hundred questions like these.

    While we are busy with agile development methods, such as continuous delivery (CD), continuous integration (CI) and DevOps, you do not have to worry at all about these questions. Because the more (management) processes are automated, the less errors occur and the more efficient you are able to work. I mean, we have ICT companies who are able to handle this. You shouldn’t worry about your software use and data security.

    It just all depends on rapid resource deployment and scaling to test new software releases. Once the testing is finished, those resources can be released for re-use. Public clouds are adept at this behavior, and cloud automation tools like Ansible, Kubernetes and Docker can bring the same capabilities to private clouds.

    Transforming your IT systems can be a big challenge to face alone, so picking the right partner to help is really important – especially when it comes to ensuring YOUR data security.

    Perrit BV & LuxCloud BV have done many projects together for customers ranging from big data environments to small office migrations. Our resellers and partners benefit of us having their services provisioned, companies shouldn’t worry about data security and IT processes… they should do what their best in and that’s what it is all about.

    I guess you know who to call now?

    Article by Sarah Sophie Weldink | representing Perrit & LuxCloud

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  • Perrit partners with LuxCloud

    2 Nov 2018
    Wietze Heersink

    LuxCloud’s Marketing Manager Kasia Krzyzanowski is pleased to announce a new strategic partnership with European service provider Perrit to further expand its offering. LuxCloud is a Luxembourg-based leader in cloud services provisioning and this new collaboration will see LuxCloud’s catalogue grow to include the latest versions of the most in-demand cloud services and provide several new support options to partners.

    New services and support options
    Perrit brings to the table strong experience and a large portfolio of services, as well as the possibility of provisioning services in different countries of the EU. Launched in 2003, it boasts a large network of reseller and direct clients that include large corporations and public utility providers.
    LuxCloud partners will soon be able to benefit from an expanded catalogue of services, beginning with the 2016 editions of Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint and CRM. Additionally, LuxCloud will soon offer its partners a wider range of support options, including fully managed services and the option of 24/7 technical support.

    This new contract with Perrit is the first of several steps LuxCloud is taking to ensure the continuation of a high quality of cloud service delivery for its resellers, and is one that will result in increased service availability, improved customer support and an improved choice of products and services.

    About Perrit
    Perrit delivers hybrid cloud business solutions, ranging from reliable process Automation for release, deploy, provisioning and billing scenarios to Enterprise Grade Portfolio Management. Public and private companies across all industries rely on Perrit’s service offerings including all standard Microsoft services, online and partner hosted services bundled together and a broad variety of ISV solutions.

    Learn more about Perrit at perrit.eu
    Sarah Weldink
    +31 74 750 1220 | sales@perrit.eu

    About LuxCloud
    LuxCloud is a market-leading provider of cloud computing services, allowing companies to quickly launch and profitably deliver the cloud services demanded by small- and medium-sized businesses. LuxCloud offers customizable branded solutions enabling resellers, system integrators and service providers to sell online any and all of the services and applications available on the platform.

    For more information, please contact:
    Kasia Krzyzanowski
    +352 277 212 0  |  info@luxcloud.com

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