The power of Perrit is a combination of People & Products. 500+ Online products, wisely selected and implemented by your very own IT consultant.


Thrilled over an amazing online concept? Wanna launch that awesome webshop asap? Well, let’s start that engine with Perrit! ‘Cause we’re the supersize online supermarket for your online products or services. What we sell? Everything you need to grow your online business and get things rolling. From backend to frontend and from interface to usability.


The power of Perrit’s not only in our products. Hell no. It’s the people that matter. So, if you’re not quite in the need of our online business products, but more interested in the endless IT-knowhow of our people, then we should date immediately. We could flirt about incidents, requests for change, projects or even secondment ;).

Perrit ICT help


Problems solved within 48 hrs: submit your ticket 24/7 in your own ticket portal which is provided by us. As soon as tickets arrive, they are being sorted on impact. After that, the technical department will start working on your issue right away.


Requests to create a new user or service. Like: Windows updates, system updates & upgrades, changes in your Intranet or ERP. Together we’ll make an estimation of the activities/hours and after given approval we’ll start working on your request!


Migrations & customized environments; we arrange the project management within TFS and our experts will proceed the tasks. We’ll continuously discuss the progress together via weekly calls and updates.


Upload your CV or upload your job request in the support portal. Within 48 hours, we will deliver multiple profiles and jobs. There even is an automated billing system and we’ve got hour registration reports!

Getting a picture yet? Let’s check out some cool stories or cases about 450+ partners across 5 continents, with customers in 35 countries!

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