Customer Journey Heroes in IT-service management and DevOps. Giants in building Metering, Billing and Invoice processes. Problem Solver no.1 wizards within e-commerce. Champions in IT changes, transitions, incidents and problems.

Oh…and we’re damn good at it.


the supersize IT-service manager for public and private companies. That’s right. We manage online problems and fill up the lack of digital needs. Across all industries, in the entire world. Like a pro.


customers in 35 countries with 15 currencies.


an ambitious business idea. Are thrilled over an amazing online concept. Wanna launch that awesome webshop asap. Well, let’s start that engine with Perrit! ‘Cause we’re the supersize online supermarket for your online products or services.


everything you need to grow your online business and get things rolling. From backend to frontend and from interface to usability.

Lazy over business shopping? Let us do the job.

We understand that creating online business ideas and concepts is way more fun than finding the right tools to bring it all to life. – Where to start? Which tools do I need? How can I provide the best user experience to my online users? In other words: how can I make my online customers as happy, excited and satisfied as I am? Well, we got the perfect men and women to do the (dirty) job.

Meet Perrit.
Your incompany IT-bad ass who…