Customer journey heroes in IT Service Management and Private Cloud. Problem solver no.1 wizards within e-commerce. Champions in IT changes, transitions, incidents and problems.

Oh…and we’re very good at it.


Customer Journey Heroes! By IT-service management and DevOps. We are your incompany Problem Solver no.1 when it comes to customer’s problems while
purchasing or using your online product or service. Such as webshops or other e-commerce platforms.


Once stationed, we do magical stuff like:

1. Remotely handling over 500 Cloud Services;
2. Solving IT problems and incidents;
3. Taking care of IT changes or transitions;
4. Building and operating innovative Cloud Services that are widely used;
5. Building Metering, Billing and Invoice processes.


1. Let you focus on your daily business, which saves you time and enables you to expedite customer care;
2. Pave the way of the journey your users take while purchasing or using your 3. Online Services (the customer journey);
4. Support current and future business needs;
5. Reducing costs within 6 months by moving to the cloud;
6. Easy Customer Onboarding.

Meet Perrit. Perrit is your very own in-company IT-consultant. He is part of our family: the supersize IT service manager for public and private IT-companies. That’s right. He manages IT problems and fill up the lack of IT needs. Across all industries, in the entire world. Like a pro. Because your company needs to be responsive to business changes while maintaining a stable, highly available IT infrastructure availability, performance, ánd pace of change.

These people just love the credit of Perrit: